Charity Calendar at Cardiff Comic Expo Showcase!

Anyone heading down to the Cardiff Comic Expo Showcase this Sunday should be sure to keep an eye out for Fish4Comic’s charity calendar!

"This year on November 4th at the Cardiff Comic Expo we will be launching a new event where we have 12 different artists working on one calender! We have 12 amazing artists contributing to a wonderful cause as Llamau is the leading Homelessness Charity for the most vulnerable Young People and Women in Wales"

MCM Here We Come! :D

Hey guys!
It’s that time again, Jason Cardy, Jenny Clements and Kat Nicholson will be drawing for charity at the MCM show in London this weekend!

Info on the show can be found at MCM’s website:

Here’s a map of where we are in the hall! (Right in the top left corner there!)

Come by, say hi, get a sketch or buy a raffle ticket,
it all goes to a good cause! (The Make-a-wish foundation!) :)

At the last MCM show we attended, :devdrawtheworldtogether: raised £700, let’s see if we can achieve such a great amount again!

Thanks guys, looking forward to seeing you there!

Best wishes,
.:Kat Nicholson:.

Bristol Comic Expo!

Thank you to everyone who donated to the Make-A-Wish foundation at the Transformers Regeneration One signing last Saturday, raising over £250!

Jason Cardy & Kat Nicholson will also be sketching to raise money for MaW at the Bristol Comic Expo this weekend (May 9/10th). If you are attending the show please note that the Draw The World Together table will be in the lobby of the Ramada Hotel (where the Guest Panels will be taking place, around the corner from the rest of the show at the Passenger Shed).

Please get in touch if you would like to help us raise money for Make-A-Wish by sketching for the public or collecting spare change.

Take care and hope to see you there!

.:Kat:. & Jas

Free Comic Book Day

May 5th is the annual Free Comic Book Day.
Simon Furman, Andrew Wildman, Stephen Baskerville, Jason Cardy and JP Bove, the Transformers ReGeneration One team will be signing at Orbital Comics in Great Newport Street, London.
Get your FREE copy. get it SIGNED and make a DONATION to TRANSFORM the life of a child less fortunate than yourself. It all starts here.
All proceeds from this upcoming event will be going to Make-A-Wish Foundation® UK.

MCM Total!

MCM last weekend was a great success, and between Jenny Clements, Jason Cardy and myself, Draw the World together managed to raise just shy of £700 (which we’ve rounded up!) Half of which will be going to EveryChild, and half to the St. George Foundation, who help war-orphans in Sierra Leone! This is a great total and it was a really fun weekend so many thank to everyone who came by, said hi, made a donation or got a sketch, and a great big thanks to Jenny Clements for lending us her drawing skills, and to the organisers of MCM Expo for having us! :)

Best wishes till next time!
.:Kat Nicholson:.

Get a sketch at MCM!


Kat Nicholson & Jason Cardy will be joined by the amazingly talented Jenny Clements this weekend at the MCM Expo in London!

If you’re headed there please stop by Stall A12, to say hi, or if you’re after some personalised made-to-order art (or just feeling charitable) please do come and request a sketch/make a donation! :D

Find more details for the show here:

Have a great weekend!

Spirit of Hope

Some of our favourite Draw the World Together artists have recently been involved with the production of an amazing new charity publication.
The Spirit of Hope is a unique anthology of short stories from the world’s greatest creators dealing with the impact of disasters on people’s everyday lives. Creators include Mike Collins, Liam Sharp, Henry Flint, Nick Abadzis, Glenn Dakin, Mark Buckingham, Al Davison, Peter Hogan and Andrew Wildman with stories covering all aspects of human life in the face of catastrophe. The collection comes in two editions – one with a beautiful Jimmy Broxton cover (pictured) and a second with a cool Michael Allred cover. All profit from the title will go to help disaster victims via Second Harvest and the New Zealand Red Cross.

Copies of the book can be ordered and are £14.99 + £3.00 p&p. Anyone ordering should state their preference of cover, both can be seen on the CBA website where you can also place your order online.

This is a great book for a great cause. Give it your support if you can.

Transformers Auction

As you may have seen we recently had two auctions of sketches and sketch cards to raise money for our projects. Just starting is the third of the three promised auctions. This one is all TRANSFORMERS related material. We have Sketches, T Shirts, Baseball caps, Comics, Books and Toys (well, one toy). Some of the books and comics are real rarities as they are signed not only by Furman and Wildman but are also the only known copies also signed by Baskerville and Yomtov. A real comic collectors treat. Our toy is also an amazing piece. Donated by TFcon in Canada it is a limited edition model that should attract a lot of attention. All in all a feast of Transformers goodies not to be missed.

You can check out all the items here. There are two batches of items. Both are up for 10 days with some finishing in the morning of Sunday 28th November and some in the evening. Enjoy.